My Mission

About Dr. Denise Hamlin

I am dedicated to helping you get the best smile possible. I believe a good dentist creates positive life changes with dental procedures that not only straighten or fix teeth and gums, but also helps those treated to gain or regain self-confidence and a greater pleasure from eating. I am in the profession to deliver the whole package.

Education and Continuing Education

After finishing my undergraduate degree at Missouri State University, I went to the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry. Since I received my doctorate, I have committed a sizeable portion of my time to attending educational meetings about the latest research and technology. I find dental breakthroughs fascinating, and one of my priorities has always been to provide the highest quality dentistry to my patients. I am also always happy to share what I have learned with my patients. There are no secrets in dental medicine, only new improvements that we are excited about giving to our patients.

In the Office

I truly enjoy being a dentist and want to share that with you by making it fun for you to be here. Our practice is built on positive attitudes and a personalized touch. We understand how uncomfortable some procedures can be, but our touch is gentle. My amazing team cares about each patient that walks through our door. Here, you are family, and we take great pride in how well we treat our family. Don't be surprised when you find yourself looking forward to your visits to my office.

Outside the Office

I am happily settled in Warrensburg, MO, with my husband, two sons, and family dog. I enjoy spending time with them at home and in this great community, and I also like reminding them to only floss the teeth they want to keep for a lifetime.

As a dentist and an active Air Guardsman I feel proud to serve my community as well as my country.